Master vacancy №2323

Date of publish 23.04.2021
Joining date 15.07.2021
Salary: EUR 5700/ monthly
Vessel type name: General cargo
Joining date 15.07.2021
Contract duration 3 months
Vessel flag: NETHERLANDS
Engine type: Deutz
DWT: 3650
GT: 2218
Engine power: 1235
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Good English, communication skills, commitment experience and Dutch documents are required. Initial wages have been indicated by Owners as EUR 5300/month, but in case of good performance during contract, successful PSC inspections, own inspection of the Owners on board, maintenance, proper cargo handling, developed own pilotage skills and loyalty to the Company, bonus to master is paid at the end of his contract, finally making actual master's wages in amount EUR 5700-5800/month.

(ID Vessel 994)

Crew Coordinator: Uliana +7 4012 70 27 26