2nd Engineer vacancy №2341

Дата публикации 30.04.2021
Дата готовности 01.06.2021
Зарплата: EUR 250/ daily
Тип судна: Seismic Research
Дата посадки: 01.06.2021
Продолжи­тельность контракта: 8 weeks
Флаг судна: BAHAMAS
Тип двигателя: MAN-B&W
DWT: 2580
GT: 2959
Модель двигателя: Alpha 8L28/32
Мощность двигателя: 2000
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Vessel will be taken from lay up in Norway and placed in shipyard in 2 weeks. Seismic equipment will be removed and replaced by equipment necesary for boulder clearance work. Project to commence by the first of June 2021 in Northsea (UK sector).


— Good English
— offshore experience
— schengen visa
— preferable to have experience on same type of main engine

Crew Coordinator: Elena S. +74012 702971

(ID Vessel 651)