Cook vacancy №2346

Дата публикации 30.04.2021
Дата готовности 01.06.2021
Тип судна: Seismic Research
Дата посадки: 01.06.2021
Продолжи­тельность контракта: 8 weeks
Флаг судна: BAHAMAS
Тип двигателя: MAN-B&W
DWT: 2580
GT: 2959
Модель двигателя: Alpha 8L28/32
Мощность двигателя: 2000
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(x2 COOK's needed — day and night cook)

Vessel will be taken from lay up in Norway and placed in shipyard in 2 weeks. Seismic equipment will be removed and replaced by equipment necesary for boulder clearance work. Project to commence by the first of June 2021 in Northsea (UK sector).
Wage to be discussed.


— Good English
— offshore experience
— schengen visa
— II/4 or II/5 certificate needed

Crew Coordinator: Elena S. +74012 702971

(ID Vessel 651)