Two newbuilders in 2021-2022


The ships will be built at Royal Bodewes, the Netherlands, delivery of the first vessel is planned for December 2021 and the second in March 2022. These ships will be the most environment friendly ships within this segment ever built, being fitted with a hybrid power system. As per our knowledge will they also be the first ever HYBRID BULK CARRIERS ever built.

Four experienced chief engineers, two skilled excavator-drivers and two masters experienced on self+discharging vessels will be welcomed to join Company in the beginning of Autumn/Winter 2021 with the options to join 2 new coming vessels respectively in 2021-2022, as well as other vessels of the Company. These new-building vessels will have installed special battery packages and modern control systems. The owners will need experienced specialists which are interested in gaining experience on these vessels. Chief engineers and excavator drivers as well as other crew on these vessels will have rotation in the system 2 x 2 months. Salaries for crew are indicated to be on top of market wage levels for such type of vessels. Those crew who will be interested in such employments, are welcomed to contact managing director +7 4012 702973, also crew coordinators Ms Ksenya +7 4012 702972 and Mrs Oxana +7 4012 702977.

Technical details

LOA: 119,95 m
Beam: 15,80 m
Draft: 7,50 m
Deadweight: 9.150 tons
Gross tonnage: 5.700
Main engine: Wartsila 8L26 2600 kW
Battery capacity: 339 kWh
Loading/discharging rate: 900 tons/hour

Special features

  • Largest self-dischargers with excavator in the market.
  • Low fuel consumption due to economical main engine and hull.
  • Battery package reducing engine running hours, thus reducing fuel consumption by more than 350
    tons per year.
  • Propulsion only by battery for shorter period – enabling reduced emissions and noise during manoeuvring in port.
  • Increased safety due to Take-me-home function, which is possible by using battery in combination
    with auxiliary engine in case of malfunction main engine.
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to peak shaving during steaming by means of battery and shaft
  • Electric excavator making loading and discharging nearly free of noise.
  • Capability of getting electrical power from shore enabling stay at port and loading and discharging
    completely free of emissions.
  • The ships will be adaptable to future fuels like hydrogen (fuel cell)

The owners are delighted to offer these special ships to new customers and that, owners believe, will be a game changer when it comes to reducing emissions, bunkers costs and increasing efficiency. Despite the fact that owners haven’t had a request so far for such ships, they are firmly committed to offer ships that can meet future demands in respect of emissions.